Post Op day 6

Happy 4th of July!

I originally told James prior to surgery to do me a favor and get us home before the fireworks show! Of course, he said as he chuckled that I was putting him in control of the outcome once again.

Well here we are, the 6th sunrise since the big day and we are waiting for the surgeon to come in once more and hopefully tell us we can finally go home. James is in good spirits this morning, eager to get out of here and get home to make sure everything on the ranch was properly attended to while we have been here the past week.

The surgeon enters as he normally does, coffee in hand, smile on his face and says “good morning James, it looks like you can go home today.” James looks at me and smiles with relief. “Oh thank you Dr, that’s great news” James responds with excitement in his voice.

His surgeon then instructs James and I on what to expect when we get home, how to deal with any bouts of a-fib, should they happen, and they likely will for another couple months. He shakes James and my hands and once again reassures James that he will be just fine. I snap a picture of the two of them to capture the moments sentiment and off he goes to his next patient.

For the next hour we prepare belongings, speak with a few discharge clerks and various staff that have the job of lining up home healthcare, rehab therapy etc.. all normal hospital stuff. A few prescription clarifications and we make our way toward the exit signs.

I park James in his wheelchair just outside and run to bring the car around. I’m so excited to finally be getting him home I almost can’t stop smiling and trying not to cry at the same time. He did it. He walked into this place with a death sentence and is now walking out without an expiration date once again. As I pull back up to James in the front of the hospital, he has a look on his face I haven’t seen before. James smile says he’s excited to go home but his eyes tell me he’s scared at the same time. It’s the unknown that is getting to him, remember James is a planner and he can’t plan this one out. I walk up to him, touch his shoulder and say “you ready to do this?” James says “yup! Let’s go home”

Once James is in the back seat (yes he has to ride in the back for two weeks to avoid airbags etc) I get this sorta almost new parent feeling again, here is the most important human in my world right now that’s in this delicate state and I have to get him home safe. Suddenly every car on the road becomes a potential suicide bomber and I am hyper aware of their presence. I become the transporter and must protect the precious cargo at all costs! James laughs at my silliness and we get home with little traffic to delay the journey.

Home at last! It’s been a long week but here we are, home. A new battle is ahead that we must conquer together everyday and I’m ready for what’s ahead of us.

I’m so proud of you James. I love you, everyday, every way.

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