Surgery time

The alarm sounds, it’s 0345am.

“James” I whisper.

“I know” he says quietly

“I love you bebe, let’s get this thing done” I say

“Ok” he replies with a somber tone.

James has pre op prep he has to do before we can go, another two min antibacterial shower. We grab our things and head out for our week stay in “not so fun land”.

The 35min drive was somber. I could tell James terror was taking hold of him. I tried my best to make him laugh and he humored me with a smile here and there. We arrived on time and James goes in without delay, the same exact process as the day before is familiar and comforting.

James gets changed into his hospital gown and lays on the gurney. I kiss him and tell him everything will be ok.

“Hey Jamie” from a voice on the other side of the curtain.

James looks at me with a perplexed look.

“Yeah” James replies

There’s very few people in this world that call him Jamie. The curtain begins to move and in comes James long time best friend, Derek. We really didn’t know he would be there this soon. I could see the relief in James face. He now has his girl and his long time best buddy by his side. He smiled at me and I could tell he was saying “ok we can do this now, I’m ready”.

Shortly after Derek’s arrival it was time for James to head to the OR. We said our good lucks and I love you’s at the OR doors and headed to the waiting room for the estimated 5-7hr surgery time.

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