Post-Op Day 4

In the early hours of Day 4, James blood pressure has been very low promting the need for meds to bring it up, his heart flips back into Afib for a couple hours, his kidneys have been barely producing urine causing his Creatinine levels to rise (his kidneys like his pressure higher to function properly) I’m fighting exhaustion as we begin this new day.

The goal today was to get out of the ICU! Well, that has actually been our goal everyday since day 1. We still have the nursing staff on board with this plan and fortunately the Cardiologists tell us during their morning rounds that we are going to take him off the blood pressure meds and if his pressure stays up for a few hours he can be transferred to the next level of care!! Getting us closer to going home.

The highlight of the morning will be James getting his foley taken out! “No man should ever have a tube in there” he proclaims! Following the removal of his foley, things began moving along in a more positive direction. James is up moving around again, PT comes back and clears him… again. The nurse gives him a bath, changes his chest dressing and I can tell he already is feeling better! I give him a mini facial and a back massage after his bath and even got a smile out of him for this picture!

James, you are going back on a regular diet! The nurse tells us. While one would think that sounds like progress, the issue at hand is now that James bowels are not moving and he is getting noticeably distended in his abdomen because of it. James now has a new discomfort and battle ahead. He has already been given stool softeners and a couple laxatives to no avail. Hopefully the next level will produce a magic trick to alleviate his new discomfort. I continue to cheer on his progress. I think its very important to repetitively reiterate to him how much he has been thru and how well he is doing. I don’t think I could endure this. He is so much stronger than he ever realized, even to me… I’m amazed everyday, even on his bad days he keeps moving forward. My heart is happy today seeing some relief come to James face.

” You have a bed ready, James!” James and I look at each other, both saying the same thing in our minds, “Well, let’s go!” We move on over to the next unit, happy and eager to get this whole thing behind us and get home. We get situated in the new room late afternoon and begin the next stage which I decided now to appropriately call “Road to the poop party!” and on to Day 5 we go.

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